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Beautiful Baccarat

Casino Luxe. The latest Lanark pattern is all about pure elegance. It is styled as a horizontal silk. Etched with fine lines and threads, the texture is enhanced by many layers of metal and pearl pigments. It is coloured in a rich palette of mineral based inks and it comes in 16 different colours.

Redelman, Lanark, Baccarrat vinyl wallpaper installation image

Baccarrat in Situ

Appears delicate but as it is made of vinyl it is highly durable, cleanable and can withstand all sorts of abuse. It is suitable for commercial specification including hotels, hospitality, health, aged care and retail. Also great for residential applications; feature rooms and walls, around kitchen islands and narrow staircases such as those in terrace houses. It is perfect for areas below the dado line and on high wear areas.

Furthermore, it contains 30% recycled content and it itself can be recycled! Ecofriendly. It is durable and should last far longer than paint reducing lifecycle impacts.

We spotted this lovely inspiration board on Kathy Wisniski’s blog and just had to share. It is so nice to have such a clear insight as to what fuels a design.

Baccarrat patterned wallcovering inspiration board

So pretty! Baccarat Inspiration Board

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