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Minty Cool Freshness: Coolmint Stripe Green

Given the recent surge in popularity of ombre, this green fabric brings it to a new level, Elegance. Coolmint Stripe Green is a fresh new take on the classic stripe.

Redelman Fabrics Coolmint Stripe Green variegated green stripe fabric

Coolmint Stripe Green... sauvé.

The variegated stripe across the face of the fabric combined with a moire (water effect) is subtle and sophisticated. It is 100% cotton and has a comfortable horizontal repeat of 36cm. Made in Italy, this fabric breathes cool into it’s surroundings.

The use of tones, tints and shades in fresh green colours is crisp and the fabric has an attractive sheen. It would be perfect for upholstery, padded walls and would make fantastic curtaining because of the lines.

Redelman Coolmint Stripe Green Close Up

Coolmint Stripe Green Close Up with measuring tape.

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