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Ceramic coloured beauty: Brivas Terracotta

Seriously soft. We can’t adequately communicate this through a computer screen but this fabric is a must touch!

Redelman Fabrics Brivas Terracotta

Redelman's Brivas Terracotta

Brivas Terracotta is a cut and uncut moquette velvet. The cut areas are raised above the uncut ones and are the darker areas in the photo.

Like any truly good velvet it feels luscious. It has a large repeat, vertically 49cm and horizontally 34.5cm which only adds to the elegance.

Although it has a very silky feel it is also hard wearing and would be suitable for both upholstery and accessories. This quality fabric has been made in Belgium.

Redelman Brivas Terracotta

Redelman Brivas Terracotta Close Up

Terracotta not your colour? No problems, this lovely fabric also comes in Taupe.

Redelman Brivas Taupe

Redelman Brivas Taupe... stunning!

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