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Fabric In Action: Victory Stripe Black White – Modular Lounge

This Modular Lounge was spotted hot on the floor of Designers House in Southport, Queensland. The fabric used is Redelman’s own Victory Stripe Black White.

Having the stripes run both horizontally and vertically makes for a striking and modern look. Victory Stripe Black White is a luxurious velvet that has a soft touch, ideal for such a bold piece. The pop of colour from the yellow drums finishes the setting off perfectly.

Modular Lounge Designers House Victory Stripe Black White

Victory Stripe Black White… Lookin’ sassy!

Michelle has been designing interiors for over 15 years and is located in the Gold Cost area. She specialises in custom design and upholstery for residential, boutique retail, commercial, hospitality and architecture. Essentially, she works with anything and everything that goes into a space.

“I love fabrics, they are so inspiring and there are always new collections. It’s exciting!” says Michelle. She gets a lot of her inspiration from travel and prefers to use sustainable products. Her personal style is anti minimalist infused with colour, eclectic collection and bohemian chic.

We love to see someone so passionate about fabric and want to thank Michelle for helping us with this post.

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