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Hello H2O

The Lanark H2O pattern is inspired by waves and water. Using multicolour hues in pearl, metal and matte inks a translucent, underwater feel is created. The flowing pattern gives a very natural and organic feel in a modern context, making it a very usable design. It comes in 16 different colourways including light and dark neutrals, and bolder options such as yellow, orange, red, aqua and charcoal.

Lanark R2- HO- 04 H2O orange vinyl wallpaper

H20 is a graphical design shown above in colour 04.

The Lanark range of wallcoverings are made of vinyl, they are highly durable and cleanable. In fact, it is so durable that it should last far longer than paint, reducing lifecycle impacts. It is suitable for commercial specification including hotels, hospitality, health, aged care and retail. Lanark Wallcoverings are also great for residential applications; used not only as an option for walls but also for feature areas in stairwells, bathrooms, kitchen islands. It is perfect for areas below the dado line and on high wear areas. Furthermore, it has fantastic ecofriendly properties containing 30% recycled content and it itself can be recycled!

Kathy Wisniski the artist, designer, and trend forecaster for Lanark Wallcoverings shared her inspiration board for the design development of the H2O pattern.

H20 inspiration board

H2O.... design development!

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