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Lamingtons + Koalas

G’day mate. We are sure you are out and about celebrating what it Australian means with surf, sand  and meat pies.

Australia Day Fabrics. L-R: Monastic Black, Teddy Beige Noir, Madison Black

L-R: Monastic Black, Teddy Beige Noir, Madison Black

In honour of Australia Day we would like to show you fabrics featuring our two favorite Australian Icons: Lamingtons and Koalas!

Monastic Black is our first lamington fabric, with a box like pattern, it reminded us of the square shaped treat. It is a hard wearing fabric with chenille areas. Madison Black also made our bellies rumble, this hard wearing  plush chenille has an overall pattern that has left us seeing delicious coconut lamingtons. Yum! Both these fabric are made in Australia.

Teddy Beige Noir, although it’s name may deceive you, is a plush velvet featuring koalas climbing trees. There is even a baby koala, too cute!

Happy Australia Day!!

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