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Modern Blooms: Riant Flower Yellow

Floral goes modern in this pleasing patterned fabric. Riant Flower Yellow features a chunky look rose-sque flowers, branches and leaves in a citrus yellow colour with a white outline for definition.

RIANT FLOWER YELLOW fabric with a rose looking flower in a modern chunky style

Riant Flower Yellow has a beautiful large pattern repeat.

This citron yellow fabric pairs well with grey tones for a modern look. The organic lines and curves in the pattern visually soften hard lines frequently found in modern interiors and add a moment of whimsy to the room. It has a large repeat, 78.5cm in the vertical direction and 76cm horizontally.

The cotton poly composition utilises a sturdy jacquard construction. The slubby grain in the flowers and the textured background adds an extra detail and dimension to the fabric.

Riant Flower is an upholstery weight fabric which is suitable for sofas, bedheads or spreads, wing chairs, pillows and accessories.

Get a feel for this fabric at your nearest showroom.

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