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Sunlight inspired Fabrics by Robert Allen

Taken from the richly romantic tones of the sun over the water, the shades Cove, a lush moody green, Sunrise, a richly livable orange, and Violet Sky, a romantic purple are a nod to the “magic hour,” the first and last hour of sunlight each day and the beautiful natural landscapes this setting creates.

Sunrise coloured Fabrics from Top: Boxed Squares, Road Bump, Open View, Electron

Sunrise coloured Fabrics from Top: Boxed Squares, Road Bump, Open View, Electron

These new hues work beautifully with one another while still perfectly coordinating with the existing Robert Allen collections. Cove, a moody, aquatic green with strong blue tones, shines when accented with fresh green, cream, linen, or gold. Sunrise is a timeless orange, dynamically bright but still liveable. This all-season colourway fits any style of décor and looks especially beautiful with tones of green. Violet Sky’s sophisticated purple hue feels equally appropriate in both traditional and modern spaces. Violet Sky pairs stunningly with cream, mushroom, or soft shades of green.

Patterns of note include:

Outbloom, a luminous floral in a painterly watercolor style, is composed of a long-wearing Polyester/Rayon blend.

Chloe Flora, a charming coordinate in a Cotton-Rayon blend, is the perfect modern basic inspired by wood block prints.

Meeting Place, a modern toile in a playful illustration, stays sturdy with a blend of Cotton, Polyester and Rayon.

Bend The Rules is a dramatic, modern geometric inspired by Japanese screens with a Cotton, Polyester, and Rayon construction.

Stone House, a chic, rustic kilim stripe in a chunky cotton tapestry construction is made of a Cotton/Polyester blend.

Crown Diamond, a Cotton-Rayon blend, is a dramatic diamond panel stripe with a Greek key-esque design.

For more information, contact your nearest showroom or check out the Sunrise, Cove and Violet Sky collections online.

2 Responses to Sunlight inspired Fabrics by Robert Allen

  1. Dikskopa / Reply

    April 6, 2013 at 11:32 pm

    Impressive! I am amazed at how bright and colourful these fabrics are. I would be interested in finding more fabrics like this.

    • Redelman Fabrics / Reply

      April 8, 2013 at 1:05 pm

      Thank you! You should visit your nearest showroom, I am sure we will be able to find some colourful fabrics to suit your needs!

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