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Nice Nuance

Nuance is an embossed design in which the original artwork was handcrafted. Layers of while paint were lightly glazed onto fine strings of silver metal threads. The effect is subtle and handmade, with a glimmer of painterly brushstrokes. The palette is a mix of clean brights and natural yet rich neutrals all rendered with either a metallic or pearlescent effect. Contemporary and tactile, Nuance is inspired by fashion, craft and modern furniture design.

Redelman. Nuance vinyl wallpaper or wallcovering

Appears delicate but as it is made of vinyl it is highly durable, cleanable and can withstand all sorts of abuse. It is suitable for commercial specification including hotels, hospitality, health, aged care and retail. Also great for residential applications; feature rooms and walls, around kitchen islands and narrow staircases such as those in terrace houses. It is perfect for areas below the dado line and on high wear areas.

Furthermore, Nuance is Ecofriendly which means it contains 30% recycled content and it itself can be recycled! It is durable and should last far longer than paint reducing lifecycle impacts.

We spotted this lovely inspiration board on Kathy Wisniski’s blog and just had to share. It is so nice to have such a clear insight as to what fuels a design.

Nuance inspiration board

For more information check out the Lanark website, Nuance info sheet or visit your nearest showroom.

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