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Fabric in Action: A Pop of Purple

Bold and Bright. A beautiful statement sure to embellish any room. This chair was given a new lease on life by a well chosen fabric.

A strong and extroverted client wanted the “wow” factor and a piece her guests would comment on when they entered the room. Jennie and her client spent six months searching for the perfect fabric before discovering Beacon Hill Olympus Purple. The fabric suits the client’s personality and the general style of her home which is more contemporary. The chair will be the statement piece in a neutral coloured spare bedroom which links to the other bursts of purple and bling throughout the house. The floaty, ethereal, slate, sheer curtain with silver threads running through the fabric and the Natural White walls should make a perfect foil for this “show piece” chair.

Fabric on Chair is Beacon Hill Olympus Purple

Fabric on Chair is Beacon Hill Olympus Purple

Jennie Tomlinson from Lanes Interiors in Toowoomba, Queensland, has over 31 years experience in Interior Design and the confidence to match. She aims to decorate around the individual, allowing their personality to shine. She enjoys the challenges and demands that clients throw at her. As a non-conformist she loathes houses that look like they have “come out of a box”. As a result her designs are notably unique, lively, friendly and warm. She has an eye for colour, pattern, texture and textiles. She does not have a set style and loves a quirky mixture of old and new.

Lanes Interiors Pops of Purple chair purple and gold fabric in a greek key pattern large scale

The chair, refreshed and waiting to return home.

Special thanks to Lanes Interiors for sending us these images and helping us with this post. You can view this fabric at your nearest showroom.

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