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Romance and Nature feature in Midnight Garden Collection by Beacon Hill

Midnight Garden fabrics enchant senses and captivate the imagination. The wonder and romance of nature inspires a journey deep into the forest filled with a moonlit kingdom of lush flora and fauna.

The patterns in this transcendent new print collection draw their inspiration from romantic naturalism, a belief that nature itself is a work of art. The designs depict nature with reverence and mystery: soaring birds, colossal foliage, and exotic flowers abound.

Historic French and English documents served as inspiration for the exclusive patterns in the Midnight Garden collection. Elements were adapted from their motifs and fanciful colour schemes. The results are patterns that celebrate the beauty of natural elements and give them a fantastical twist.

Stand out patterns include:

Enchanted Vine fabric inspiration

Enchanted Vine was inspired by an early 20th century English document, a screen print on fine cotton. The structure of the vine suggests a Jacobean layout whereas the fruit and floral elements reveal a batik influence. The resulting fabric, Enchanted Vine, is an allover floral print with a Batik feel. The flowers and plants are exotic and whimsical in nature, brought to life in vivid, saturated palettes. A side by side 68.5cm repeat makes this design perfect for straight-forward fabrication and is perfect for draperies, bedding, upholstered headboards, accent chairs or pillows.

Hidden Temple fabric inspiration

Hidden Temple is a classic Chinoiserie print depicting a secluded magical garden oasis. Originally from a French 19th century hand painted gouache, this design makes for a beautiful fabric. With a pattern repeat of over 65cm, this fabric is sure to add a colourful statement to any room.

Lioness fabric inspiration

Lioness, was inspired by a late 19th century French document, originally intended for use as a textile or wallpaper. This print depicts a lush jungle scene. With a pattern repeat that almost spans the width of the roll, this fabric is filled with details to enchant a room.

Moon Blossom fabric inspiration

Moon Blossom’s motif is celestial meets underwater. It comes in both a light and dark colourway and has an elegant pattern repeat almost the width of the roll. Inspired by a late 19th century French document, the modern form features exotic flowers with weightless beauty, this stunning print is sure to add another dimension to any room.

View the full collection online or at your nearest showroom.

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