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Anem Bouq Rsc Jewel

A floral print featuring anemone flowers tied into flowing bunches.

Anem Voile Rsc Jewel

An allover floral print featuring anemone flowers on a sheer cotton fabric.

Anemone Rsc Jewel

An allover floral print featuring anemone flowers. On a cream cotton ground, this detailed fabric shows yellow, red, blue, purple and green colours.


Nashoba is a vivid print with a floral in the foreground and a grey stripe in the background.

Belgravia Cerise

Belgravia is a subtle cotton herringbone broken up by a thin stripe.It is suitable for upholstery and drapery. Made in England.

Caesar Spice

Caesar is a large scale toile style print filled with Roman myths. This pattern is intertwined and disoriented. The sketch like qualities and subject matter give this fabric a traditional feel.

Checking Multi

Checking Multi features a boxed check pattern with variegated stripes. It is colourful and lively.


Silk-like 100% Polyester Fabric with embroidered leaf motif suitable for drapery

Gadsden Cafe

Gadsden is a very small scale all over floral pattern on a cotton base.

Glyndebourne Chinz

Glyndebourne is a multicoloured cotton chintz featuring a clumped oversize floral pattern.

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