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Modern Blooms: Riant Flower Yellow

Floral goes modern in this pleasing patterned fabric. Riant Flower Yellow features a chunky look rose-sque flowers, branches and leaves in a citrus yellow colour with a white outline for definition. This citron yellow fabric pairs well with grey tones
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NEW: Pops of colour – Viridian, Fuchsia, Turquoise, Cobalt!

Bright, bold colour. Robert Allen has just released a new series of colour books. The collection’s colours draw inspiration from the saturated tones found in an artist’s pure pigments, lush green Viridian, fashionable Fuchsia, bright Turquoise and rich Cobalt.

Fabric in Action: Alligator Brown Ottoman and Slash Black Pillows

Looking good! “Alligator Brown” on the Ottoman and “Slash Black” on the cushions is a killer combination. It was spotted on the floor of Design Establishment and Yardware at the CDA Centre in Sydney, NSW. This design is ultra cool
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Fabric In Action: Introduction

Sometimes it can be hard to visualise how fabulous a fabric can look, until you see it made up on a piece of furniture or its end use in a room.

A not lonely anymore Zebra!

After searching far and wide doing research for this weeks posts, I have been corrected upon discovery of Redelman fabrics other Zebra. Presenting: Zebra Hide!

A lonely Zebra. Dewas Black White

The Romans called zebras ‘hippotigris’ and trained them to pull carts in circuses. Zebras are certainly horse like but their uniquely striped coat sets them apart from all other horses. It is believed the zebras stripes help it camouflage making it difficult
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Get Summer Happy and Beachy Keen!

FUN! Yes, we said it, Beachy Keen Sunrise yells it. This quirky pattern filled with beach chairs, sunglasses, umbrellas, palm trees and of course, flamingos is an ode to the vintage beach ideal.

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