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Before and After: Unusual Shape Chair Recover

Before and After: What a difference! Do you remember the post we wrote about a fantastic chair makeover using Robert Allen Gate? Well, we have found another one!

Luxurious Linen: Thomas Linen Natural

A thick linen fabric with sturdy construction and a soft feel. Heavy in the hand, Thomas Linen Natural would be a luxurious addition to any interior. Thomas Linen Natural is an irregularly textured woven linen. Its composition is 55% Linen
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Robert Allen Naturals Books have arrived!

Remember the Robert Allen Naturals collection we blogged about here, here and here? Well, after a long journey by sea, the books have finally arrived in Oz. We are very excited to be able to enjoy the arrival of such
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Naturals Collection from Robert Allen: Part 3 Video

Earlier this week, we introduced the wovens and mutli purpose fabrics of the Robert Allen Naturals collection. Today is the final installment where you will get to see what happens when you bring this lovely collection together!

Naturals Collection from Robert Allen: Part 2 Multi Purpose

In Naturals Part 1 we introduced the woven fabrics of this collection. Today we are excited to show you the second installment to the beautiful Naturals Collection by Robert Allen. Naturals Multi Purpose are the final 3 books in the
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Naturals Collection from Robert Allen: Part 1 Wovens

The new Robert Allen Naturals collection has just landed into Redelman Fabrics and we are excited! Naturals is a sophisticated mix of over 300 fabrics full of textural depth and rich constructions that include soft colours through to more vibrant
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Ceramic coloured beauty: Brivas Terracotta

Seriously soft. We can’t adequately communicate this through a computer screen but this fabric is a must touch!

Cow and Deer

Cow and Deer have many similarities. They both chew their cud and have four chambered stomachs. They are both eaten by humans. The females have longer noses in comparison to the males. They both love to eat salt. They are
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Ice, Ice Baby! Newington Plaid in Ice Blue.

Cool and casual. This plush plaid has been specially created exclusively by Redelman fabrics in conjunction with a true blue Aussie mill.

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