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Get This Look: Bold Black and White Stripes

This dapper doggie has inspired us to take a look into the black and white striped fabrics that we stock:

Feeling a little dull over winter? Zigstripe Velvet is a plush way to brighten your day. A bold colourful stripe featuring a subtle chevron in cut and uncut moquette velvet. This statement fabric comes in two different colourways, Peacock and
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Touching velvet makes you feel better!

Bright coloured Nobilis velvet makes these chairs pop! Did you know that by touching velvet twice a week you will feel better? A recent study presented in Scientific American showed that touching velvet increased verbal fluency and emotional competence and
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Lamingtons + Koalas

G’day mate. We are sure you are out and about celebrating what it Australian means with surf, sand  and meat pies. In honour of Australia Day we would like to show you fabrics featuring our two favorite Australian Icons: Lamingtons
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Ceramic coloured beauty: Brivas Terracotta

Seriously soft. We can’t adequately communicate this through a computer screen but this fabric is a must touch!

Fabric In Action: Victory Stripe Black White – Modular Lounge

This Modular Lounge was spotted hot on the floor of Designers House in Southport, Queensland. The fabric used is Redelman’s own Victory Stripe Black White. Having the stripes run both horizontally and vertically makes for a striking and modern look.
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Cow and Deer

Cow and Deer have many similarities. They both chew their cud and have four chambered stomachs. They are both eaten by humans. The females have longer noses in comparison to the males. They both love to eat salt. They are
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More Tigers to Tickle your Fancy…

Not enough tiger for you? Well, check these out!

Treat yourself to some Tiger! Redelman Style.

The Tiger is the largest wild cat in the world and one of the most handsome. Easily recognisable by it’s coat, no two tigers have exactly the same stripes. Today’s post is dedicated to the beautiful patterns of this powerful
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