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Creviced Canyon

Rocky outcrop. Canyon is a natural, rich and earthy texture for the wall. The original artwork was handcrafted by using the edge of a palette knife layering the paint directionally to create a puckered and layered effect. The surface is
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Nice Nuance

Nuance is an embossed design in which the original artwork was handcrafted. Layers of while paint were lightly glazed onto fine strings of silver metal threads. The effect is subtle and handmade, with a glimmer of painterly brushstrokes. The palette
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Reader Question: Recycling Vinyl Wallcoverings

Q:  Can Vinyl wallpaper be recycled? If so where? A: This is an excellent question. With societies growing green conscience, environmental impact has become an important part of the design process and preferences.

Hello H2O

The Lanark H2O pattern is inspired by waves and water. Using multicolour hues in pearl, metal and matte inks a translucent, underwater feel is created. The flowing pattern gives a very natural and organic feel in a modern context, making
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Reader Question: Does vinyl wallcoverings have sound absorption qualities?

One of our lovely readers has asked us an excellent question, so we have decided to share it and the answer with everyone: Question: Does vinyl wallcoverings have sound absorption qualities?

Beautiful Baccarat

Casino Luxe. The latest Lanark pattern is all about pure elegance. It is styled as a horizontal silk. Etched with fine lines and threads, the texture is enhanced by many layers of metal and pearl pigments. It is coloured in
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