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Luxurious Linen: Thomas Linen Natural

A thick linen fabric with sturdy construction and a soft feel. Heavy in the hand, Thomas Linen Natural would be a luxurious addition to any interior. Thomas Linen Natural is an irregularly textured woven linen. Its composition is 55% Linen
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Robert Allen Naturals Books have arrived!

Remember the Robert Allen Naturals collection we blogged about here, here and here? Well, after a long journey by sea, the books have finally arrived in Oz. We are very excited to be able to enjoy the arrival of such
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Robert Allen Williamsburg Collection take 2!

Traditional, yet on trend. Robert Allen has released their Williamsburg Classics II collection which takes traditional 18th Century motifs and uses modern colours with rich details to breathe new life into the classics.

A not lonely anymore Zebra!

After searching far and wide doing research for this weeks posts, I have been corrected upon discovery of Redelman fabrics other Zebra. Presenting: Zebra Hide!

A lonely Zebra. Dewas Black White

The Romans called zebras ‘hippotigris’ and trained them to pull carts in circuses. Zebras are certainly horse like but their uniquely striped coat sets them apart from all other horses. It is believed the zebras stripes help it camouflage making it difficult
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Treat yourself to some Tiger! Redelman Style.

The Tiger is the largest wild cat in the world and one of the most handsome. Easily recognisable by it’s coat, no two tigers have exactly the same stripes. Today’s post is dedicated to the beautiful patterns of this powerful
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Get Summer Happy and Beachy Keen!

FUN! Yes, we said it, Beachy Keen Sunrise yells it. This quirky pattern filled with beach chairs, sunglasses, umbrellas, palm trees and of course, flamingos is an ode to the vintage beach ideal.

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